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Custom Modifications

You’ve got a nice ride but does it turn heads? Auto Body Unlimited Inc can give you the aftermarket modifications you are looking for so that your ride that extra something it needs to make it the stand out from the crowd.

We provide the people of Wamego with expert service for installing, repairing or replacing:

Rims – Your rims keep your tires in place but do they catch the eye? Auto Body Unlimited Inc has a wide selection of top of the line rims that will be sure to get you noticed.

Spoilers/ wings - We can’t all be F1 racers but we can mod our cars so we can feel like one. The right spoiler or wings can make your car look sleek when you’re cruising down the road.

Side skirts – Many people want their cars to look lower to the ground without having to actually spend money on changing the suspension. Side Skirts give drivers this aesthetic advantage without having to tackle the inner working of your vehicle.

Bumpers - Want to beef up your bumper? We have the specialty front and rear bumpers to give your vehicle extra protection, better aerodynamics, and a sleeker look.

Height adjustments - Low to the ground or jacked up like a jeep. You decide.

Scissor doors - Every car on the road has pretty much the exact same type of door. These doors are inconvenient as they open outwards and do not work in tight parking or smaller garages. By installing scissor doors on your car you get both convenience and cool factor.

Collision Repair - Your car does much more than get you from point A to point B. Your car has character – it has taken you on adventures both near and far; road trips, first dates, family vacations. Having something happen to your car can be nothing short of an absolute tragedy.

Refinishing - Content coming soon!

Frame Straightening – Content coming soon!

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